My DIY Weddng was …

Perfect? Seamless? Ha, yeah right, but it was great!

As an event planner, I have to share some of the advice on how I managed to plan my own wedding (no I did not hire another wedding planner…the fun begins!). Don’t worry, I’ll do this in several posts so it’s not completely overwhelming!

To Reiterate: I love to plan events. All kinds of events but mostly weddings. I love the small details at each event that make it special and unique and I believe this does make a world of a difference. Please note that if you would like to “steal” any of my ideas I welcome it but if you do NOT want to complete these on your own I would be more than happy to offer my creative services so please contact me by responding to the post  😉

Where to begin…I’m sure you want to know what our budget was? It was $???????????  I’ll let you know after I finish ALL the posts. That way you can see everything that is possible on a budget DIY wedding.

A little disclaimer: I included EVERY little purchase in my budget, so, almost immediately I started crunching numbers calling everyone I knew to see what they did for their wedding and pricing vendors for the reception venue, ceremony, hotels…etc. This was a mistake. Please follow my guidelines to get your planning on track!

#1 The very FIRST thing you NEED to do is sit down with your partner and decide what kind of wedding you want. Decide whether you want everyone you know there or just the most important people in your life. If you think you’re wedding will be the one day that everyone will get along and play nice (family feuds)…think again. So make this choice wisely.

I Recommend: 150 is a great number to work with if your on a modest budget. Keep in mind not everyone will be able to attend. However, if everyone is local you MUST expect everyone will show up so don’t go overboard and invite too many people if you can’t afford it. If you are working with a small budget aim to invite 115. If its a larger budget and money doesn’t matter…invite everyone! The only downfall to inviting everyone is that its only going to be 4 (maybe 5) hours long and, if you’re a dancer like me, you won’t have nearly enough time to chat with your friends and family. This day will go so fast, you’ll wonder what you actually did!



The initial budget that you both set is the most honest amount since you haven’t started looking at venues and catering…etc. Once you start looking around, and see what your money will get you, you’ll want to increase your budget and after your wedding you’ll kick yourself for spending thousands more than you wanted.


#3 Determine whether or not you want a Wedding Party. This is sometimes an easy decision and everyone THINKS they have to have all their friends in the wedding party… but take a breather and think about the weddings you were in. Wedding parties aren’t always on time, they can get bored easily, they have their own lives so most may not be able to attend special events like showers or bach parties. KEEP THIS IN MIND if you want most of them attending otherwise you may feel let down. Its a LONG day and you need people who are willing to suck it up with you all day.

You do not NEED a wedding party. Simply a couple bridesmaids or one MOH (maid of honor) or flower girls are just fine!

That’s it for today…check back again for the next three steps to planning your own wedding!


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