His & Hers Ugly Sweater Party

How in the world did this phenomenon start? I’m going to blame college kids who wanted to make fun of their parents. Or someone was reminiscing one day and truly thought the sweater was so good looking they would wear it to a holiday party. No matter where it came from I’m sure it will just be another fad but in the meantime I have to share TWO sweaters I made myself!

First was my fiancé’s sweater vest. We decided to try out a “gangster” theme. His was Frosty the Dope Man. Made of red, white and black felt, small silver chain, and three small red gems. All materials can be purchased at Michaels however, I had everything in the house already. You can also use old clothing to make the snowman and put glue it on an old sweater. The glue I used was E6000 and it worked WONDERs!


My sweater was a “Gangsta Wrapper”. Its better to just see the photo for this one.


The best part? We won first place!! Always get a plain sweater from Goodwill or Salvation Army. Wash thoroughly and decorate!

The quest to doing as much as possible in my twenties has continued. Stay tuned for more!



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