Brunch…the Almost 30-Something Fun

Don’t you love when a simple brunch outing with some of your best friends turns into a wild day of story-telling?

Well, on Saturday thats exactly what 5 girlfriends of mine and I did. WHAT A DAY! We decided to start our brunch at Cava Mezze in Capital Hill (at noon). Because I’m giving you the details I also have to describe how unbelievably delicious the Cava brunch was. Imagine an endless array of tapas…breakfast style. This includes spicy lamb benedict, french toast with whipped cream and berries, grilled cheese, and even GREEN EGGS AND HAM. But please click on the link and check out their full menu.

The menu has a little bit for everyone and the best part? This is ALL YOU CAN EAT for just $30! Oh and one more thing because I know you want to know how much a good beverage would cost. Well, if you get the brunch all-you-can-eat deal, you can also get penny mimosas. Thats right, mimosas for a penny. These mimosas were just the perfect amount of either peach, orange or even apple cider and champagne. Trust they did not skimp on the champagne. 10176124_10103246756520758_4077359910966949_n

Next on the list was the Chesapeake Room . Cute and quaint. We only had a glass of champagne here but it was quite popular around 2pm for football. Wait staff was wonderful and forgiving when a glass may have slipped out of one of our hands…oops!

10646993_10103248264823108_8684465975858513137_nLastly, The Ugly Mug. This was the final stop and a good final it was. This is your typical dive bar with some pretty good prices. A bottle of champagne, calamari, one beer, one bourbon diet, and fries cost us about $54. NOT BAD for DC or anywhere for that matter.

All in all this will be a day we put down in the books. The 2 hour brunch turned into a 5 hour brunch and we all had some much needed fun and reminiscing. Until next time!



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