365 Days of THANKS: #23 Thoughtful Proposals

News is traveling fast…we’re ENGAGED! So naturally, my next several posts will take you through my wedding journey while still blogging about those things that i’m thankful for.

My, then, boyfriend Tyler set up the most wonderful proposal that I need to share with those searching for the perfect proposal idea. And the best part: It was a COMPLETE SURPRISE!


On a Monday afternoon I received a simple TEXT from Tyler asking if I wanted to go to a nice dinner that night. Naturally I said of course as I love our date nights. He vaguely mentioned that I should dress up since it would be a nice restaurant. Hint: Monday night is a great time to propose since it will throw her off that anything sneaky is going on.

When we walked downstairs he had called UBER to give us a ride. This was not out of the ordinary for him so I didn’t think a thing of it. He also said he had a rough day and wanted to drink some wine.

When we arrived at the restaurant, we went to the bar where he knew one of the bartender, Lamar. We ordered a glass of wine and out of no where Lamar asked if we want to see some good views of DC up on the roof top. Of COURSE! So Lamar led us up there and had to use his swipe card to take us up. I felt so special since it was closed off to the general public.

When we walked on the rooftop, the sun was just starting to set and there was only one other person up there. So we walked around and looked at the monuments and Capitol Building down below and just sipped our wine. After about 5 minutes Tyler started to say things that he always said every once in a while like how much he loved me and how lucky he felt. At this point I felt him get a little jittery and I knew something was up.

So he turned me around and smiled and told me he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me and that was it! The water-works came rushing down my face and he then got down on one knee to complete the proposal (with a few happy tears in his eyes). It was PERFECT.

The one random person up there ended up being a friend of Tyler’s and a professional photographer who captured the entire proposal! We were so excited and happy that most of the pictures are of us just looking at each other and hugging and kissing but they’re more perfect to us since it captured the pure JOY of how we felt.

HINT: If you capture the proposal like we did, it can act as engagement photos but come out to be MUCH cheaper. I also think these are more genuine since they capture how we truly feel at the moment 🙂



Photo courtesy of Ashley Relvas Photography