365 Days of THANKS: #21 Goodwill Retail Stores



My love for updating very inexpensive finds continues! In Atlanta, I had several favorite thrift shop and goodwill stores that I would frequent. This particular Goodwill Store was in Buckhead. I was walking down the aisles and came across this BEAUTIFUL dining room table.

I figured there had to be something wrong with it so I inspected. Couldn’t find one thing wrong with it…except for the color! I looked for markings and sure enough underneath it had a Pier One marking. I was floored! The best part about this…the table was only $20!

Pier One Table

I walked to find a sales clerk and put a sold ticket on it right away. Story gets better. This wonderful find was paid for and I moved it to my car…but it wouldn’t fit! So a gentleman comes up to me in his truck, hands me his business card and says he will deliver it for me. Luckily I lived in an apartment building so he dropped it off at the bottom and I took it up to my apartment.

The next day I went to home depot and purchased espresso stain, sand paper, tack cloth. And this is what you get…





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