365 Days of THANKS: #22 Patience

Patience is truly a virtue. Round one in Pep Boys took about 3 hours to get my oil changed and break pads replaced. This occurred in late April on a Tuesday afternoon. It was not busy. It took approximately one hour for my brakes to start screeching again.

I’ve very recently moved to The DC area and drove with my screeching breaks. I found a pep boys up here and 3.5 hours later they still can not figure out what’s wrong.

Piece of insight: the only reason I replaced my brake pads was because they suggested it and they were running on the lower side. So I did. And I’ve now spent over over 8 hrs and they still can’t figure out why they screech more than before I had them replaced.

My patience is being tested but at least I know one thing: do not go to Pep Boys for anything but an oil change and tire rotation.