365 Days of THANKS: #4 Travel

Traveling is difficult. Why? Because it costs money. Now, I’m a deal girl so I’ve signed up for every deal site out there because I don’t think its necessary to pay full price for anything. You can find some pretty good deals on Travelzoo which will actually send you to other sites to book your travel. I’m fortunate enough to have had the chance to pick up and move all over the country and while living in Baltimore, San Diego and now Atlanta I’ve been able to explore close to home.

Traveling will always be on my list of things to do in my life…but finding that steal of a deal is key.

For $1180 I was able to travel to Paris and Barcelona. Package included flights from Baltimore to Paris, Paris to Barcelona, and Barcelona to Baltimore. This also included hotels with free breakfast in each country. Pretty awesome. Don’t be fooled, though, Paris is very expensive when you’re there so make sure you have some spending money because you cant go to Paris and not eat a crepe or 3.


Standing in the middle of the road…to get one of the best pictures.


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