How are things on the West Coast?


I must say, the West Coast offers some of the most magnificent sunsets. Since I made the move out West, two and a half years ago, I’ve been blessed with these natural miracles.It’s funny, people constantly ask me “Why California?”.  I almost always say, “Why Not?”.

I took a trip to Newport Beach about three and half years ago, sat on the roof of a house and watched the sunset for the very first time in California…and, naturally, fell in love. It also helped that I was in the company of great friends.

From that day forward, I knew I had to pack up and move. Baltimore, Maryland isn’t the easiest place to escape from. We have everything: snow and mountains, beaches and sand, a big city and rural living. Why would anyone want to move? Well, it becomes smaller and smaller each year and the chance of getting out gets harder the longer you stay.

I had a wonderful job at an advertising agency but that, too, was lacking, for lack of a better term, UMPH! The economy was terrible and I wasn’t going anywhere. So, how in the world do I start saving for a big move out West?

This resulted in two additional jobs and eventually…moving BACK HOME. This was a hard one to swallow considering it had been six years since I last lived at home. Through all of this, I kept in mind that it was only for a short period of time (4 months) and the end result would be worth it (…I had hoped).

Four months flew by and soon I had saved enough to live comfortably for a couple of months in California (without a job). Come April, off I went with just a car full of “stuff”. Everything else I owned was sold or gave away.

I’m sharing this for anyone thinking of making a big move and aren’t quite sure if they can do it. Well, I promise, you can make it (and thrive) if you are fully dedicated.

If you decide to take the Northern route, as I did, I suggest first heading to St. Louis to see the Arch.


Here, you have to get some good BBQ and listen to some blues. If you want a place to do try “bb’s”. It was small and full of character which was right up my alley. It’s located very close to the stadium under a bridge if I remember correctly.


As you drive across Route 70, you will have some dry patches. This includes the NEVER ENDING state of Kansas! Nothing but blues skies and farm land.


So, to save your sanity during this long trek, take a little break and stop at Smokey Hill for a little wine tasting and stock up for your arrival in CA! I personally bought 4 bottles and of course a souvenir glass.


The next stop I would suggest is Denver. I was traveling in April so Denver wasn’t too cold but as always, it was VERY dry. You can walk around downtown to all the shops, get some great local beer (I love those IPA’s). Denver is known for their local brews so I’m positive you won’t be disappointed. Also, you need to stop at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory for their gourmet chocolates.

One rule, you should not have any limits in your calorie intake while traveling across the country. Experience everything.

I have to warn you! Denver cops are EVERYWHERE when you’re driving through the mountains so go the speed limit especially going down the windy hills. They are sneaky and set up speed traps.


Lastly, I suggest driving to Vegas before your final destination into California.  This is the best way to end the road trip of a lifetime.

I mapped out my routes on which has a great road trip tool.

All in all, I went through MD-PA-WV-OH-MO-IN-KA-CO-UT-AZ-NV and HAD A BLAST!

Good luck and enjoy!

Respond with any questions you may have…