11 Reasons a 23-Year-Old Shouldn’t Run Your Social Media…


…and why a 26 year old SHOULD! Not to toot my own horn but I feel a 26 year old ADULT should be running your social media. I’ll explain…

So I read this article from Inc.: http://www.inc.com/hollis-thomases/social-media-dont-put-intern-in-charge.html?nav=pop  and I loved it!

It’s all about why 23 year-old recent graduates should not run your social media sites. I agree. However, I must say that this age group knows the ins and outs of these sites better than anyone else I know. With that said, they should probably take the role of an intern. Who said interns couldn’t teach all you marketing managers a thing or two? Use your resources wisely.

So many factors come into posting social media sites. Postings should have an approval process. But please do not make this process a long drawn-out issue. If there’s some news happening, get it up right away!

Well, in the article there was a study from Clark University that says “today’s youth are not only not eager to do so [grow up], but most do not feel that they’ve reached adulthood until late into their 20s or early 30s.” YIKES. As much as I hate to say it, I agree. Many many many of my acquaintances and even friends are just not ready to grow up! Then there are those (this is the group I would consider myself to be in) that have worked for years and know how to be independent self-providers.

So, why should a 27 year-old (Millennial demo) with a few years marketing experience completely run your social media? We grew up with this stuff! Not only did we grow up with it but we understand it, we connect with our audience. After all, we are the future and your company will not flourish without our business.

Anyone looking for a social media coordinator or manager DO NOT rule out the upper 20-somethings with a few years experience in the marketing/communications/PR field. This is your best  bet in keeping your online media FRESH and up to date. Trust me, this stuff rules our lives. Also, DO NOT take them for granted. Social Media is something every company needs to have, whether you like it or not, so don’t skimp out when your company is planning next years budget and you need to add a SM Manager.